Strangerous Collective

by Strangerous Collective

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This is our first EP recorded at St Rok Studios. Engineered by Brenden Howard and Mastered by Dale Royce


released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Strangerous Collective Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Strangerous 2.0
Welcome to Strangerous 2.0,
we're sexy motherfuckers and we don't go with the flow
we're walking contradictions and we thrive on the frictions
of messing with the masses who enjoy the infliction

Breaking down the wall of censorship
With our old pal the internet
And no matter how hard you shut your eyes
We ain't never disappearing
So catch on to the vibe.

Freaks of nature just can't compare
When Strangerous are playing in their underwear
And if we get a chance we'd like to welcome you to the crew
This industry's a dinosaur, and I'm the approaching meteor
You'd better get ready cos it's burning into you

2008 financial crisis
we should eject those stockbrokers midair from the cockpit
Cos you know they'll never be held accountable
It's you and me the everyday man
That needs to take out four loans to buy a house or a van
Who will struggle through the greed of the 1% unless...


Strangerous to me, Strangerous to you
I may never have met you but, We are a collective

Track Name: Taste It
Skyward to the towers
Pillars of refinement
Filled with little stiffs sipping soy chai latte's
I'm chillin down on street level trying to look the part
But I've got more in common with the hobo in the park
He's old and ugly and he smells like shit
It's probably been ten years since he used his dick
So I sling him some cash, he buys a bottle of Jack
I stare down that office building and I never go back

I'm sorry mr corporation despair
I don't take orders and I won't cut my hair
Just give me fresh air and some space to move
I'm thinking clearly and I don't work for you

I'm ready to declare war on everyone in Stanmore
Baristas in the QVB and hobos down in Kirrawee
Their doubting minds are bringing me down
but from worst now I'm first I won't die lying down
On the tip of my tongue there are storms and gales
That could put out every bushfire in NSW
Like investments they all burn a bridge or two
I don't care baby I can taste it on you

My mind is hazy and my right eye blue
I'm losing focus on the world beside you
We've been abducted by a greater force
You've won the battle here but I'll win the war

I'm wrestling with the bears now I'm overcoming
The emptiness inside now no one can stop us
It's all good if you make time to feel fine
It's all good baby, it's all good

Milk of poppy calling to me
I might just take it for a spin
Cycle through my own style of sin
to Taste it
Satisfaction fades out the grey
and so I let it be my pilot
Edging ever closer till I
Can taste it

Just letting the beast out
Let him play all day
Heart beats like a bass drum
Hey hey hey

Track Name: Wars
Your voice gets louder but you still fail to see
My vacant gaze, the mental haze, alternate way to be
I'm texting on my phone hoping you'll get tired and leave
but you keep barking at me now why can't you let it be

Just pay up front for the best deals
You're drilling nails into my ears
I just can't hear

And this, is how wars start

This game of power play's so 15th century
and I don't care about your life
or bachelors degree
You'd stab your mother in the back to prove a point
Your logic reminds me of the racehorse with the broke knee joint

Pre -chorus



War, it's the war
Track Name: The Illusion of Progress III: Freedom
I call a ceasefire
On assault of broken souls
We're trying to reach them
And so our passions' torn

Heaving death style
A smokers lung cough
A poor offensive
our ships' been overhauled

You want Freedom?
You wanna take mine?
Get ready to run or fight

You fear the outside
You fear to be a man
You can't stop crying
This pain you cannot bear


Atomic wastelands
For all our time and sport
We're helping feed it
More helpless than before

You fear the outside
You fear to be a man
You can't stop crying
This pain you cannot bear

Track Name: Wait
Wait, you saw the path too late
in the twilight of your life
But Wait, you're only 28
This could be the start of something more

We ache all over, and over, and over, and over somehow
We're gonna be ok

Wait, you saw the signs too late
Now you wear the scars
like badges of experience
And babe although you hurt today
You'll wake up tomorrow
and live a different way

And it's not over
Until you say it's over
And it's not easy
But we know but we know that somehow
It's gonna be ok